About me and about this site

This site was originally a place for me to showcase web designs and different things I was working on at the time I launched it. It's really turned more into a place for me to just play around with different server side things and mess around with some design things that have tickled my fancy over the years.

Over the time this sites been live, it's seen it's fair share of overhauls, including this right now. It originally started out with some really messy and disgusting (really, it was like spaghetti) PHP, which has long since evolved into a Python based framework called Flask. For me, this works. Everything down to the blog is running Flask, and I couldn't be happier. There have been many design changes, title changes, and just changes in general done to this site. It's been a good few years that I've had it, honestly.

More about me, then, huh? I'm just a 25 year old guy who lives in California. Got interested in computers at a younger age, and ever since have been striving to learn more about them. I finally settled on a focused work into server administration. I have loved working on and with servers over the years, and learning different technologies to keep them running effeciently.

Once upon a time you could have found me hanging out in the Funtoo IRC on Freenode under the nick anak1n. I am a former Funtoo Linux developer, and I really enjoyed that.

Other than that, I like to play games, hang out with my cat, and I occasionally make YouTube videos. Nothing really too exciting.

Here is a good picture of me :P